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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Accepted manuscripts

Mickowska, B. – Romanová, K. – Socha, P. – Urminská, D.
Reduction of immunoreactivity of wheat and rye prolamins by Flavourzyme proteolysis
Pušić, I. – Beer Ljubić, B. – Vihnanek Lazarus, M. – Radin, L. – Janječić, Z. – Bedeković, D. – Križek, I. – Jurčević, J. – Aladrović, J.
Dietary organic selenium supplementations affect oxidative stability of chilled and frozen chicken meat
Moura Rolim, P. – de Oliveira Júnior, S. D. – Mendes de Oliveira, A. C. S. – Silvino dos Santos, E. – Ribeiro de Macedo, G.
Nutritional value, cellulase activity and prebiotic effect of melon residues (Cucumis melo L. reticulatus group) as a fermentative substrate
Raposo, A. – Pérez, E. – Sanjuán, E. – Saavedra, P. – Millán, R. – Carrascosa, C.
Vending machines and university students’ consumers trends
Sicińska, E. – Kałuża, J. – Januszko, O. – Pietruszka, B.
Comparison of factors determining voluntarily fortified food consumption between children and adolescents in Central-Eastern Poland
Zdeňková, K. – Akhatova, D. – Fialová, E. – Krupa, O. – Kubica, L. – Lencová, S. – Demnerová, K.
Detection of meat adulteration: Use of efficient and routine suited multiplex based polymerase chain reaction methods for species authentication and quantification in meat products from the Czech Republic market
Liolios, V. – Tananaki, C. – Dimou, M. – Kanelis, D. – Rodopoulou, M.-A. – Thrasyvoulou, A.
Exploring the sugar profile of unifloral bee-collected pollen using high performance liquid chromatography
Thakur, M. – Nanda, V.
Assessment of physicochemical properties, fatty acid, amino acid and mineral profile of bee pollen from India with a multivariate perspective
Kopuncová, M. – Sádecká, J. – Kolek, E. – Polovka, M. – Durec, J. – Blaško, J.
Impact of inert gas atmosphere application on the complex profile of commercial orange juice volatiles during four-month storage
Stoica-Guzun, A. – Pârvulescu, O. C. – Broşteanu, A. – Chira, N. – Stroescu, M. – Dobre, T.
Influence of sea buckthorn pomace pretreatment and drying conditions on the drying kinetics, quantity and quality of seed oil
Zhang, B. – Lu, Z. – Xu, X. – Dong, M.
Solid-state fermentation with Eurotium cristatum HC-18 to improve antioxidant activity of kudzu root (Pueraria lobata)
Guo, L. – Cui, B.
Enzymatic hydrolysis of amylopectins from lotus rhizome and kudzu starches
Martínez, S. – Álvarez-Valado, A. – Carballo, J. – Falqué, E.
Changes on nutritional and sensory characteristics of canned turnips: Effect of salt
Hammi, I. – Amensag, K. – Ennahar, S. – Delalande, F. – Marchioni, E. – Cianferani, S. – Belkhou, R.
Native production of pediocin PA-1 by Enterococcus faecium E16 isolated from goat cheese

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