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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Accepted manuscripts

Kwaw, E. – Ma, Y. – Tchabo, W. – Apaliya, M. T. – Xiao, L. – Wu, M.
Effect of lactic acid fermentation on the phytochemical, volatile profile and sensory attributes of mulberry juice
Regecová, I. – Turek, P. – Jevinová, P. – Pipová, M. – Mačanga, J.
Monitoring of microbiological quality in the process of production of steak tartare
Boroski, M. – Crupi, P. – Tamborra, P. – Antonacci, D. – Toci, A. T.
Influence of winemaking techniques to produce wines with low sulphur dioxide on the varieties Chardonnay, Pinot and Montepulciano
Juhás, P. – Mrázová, J. – Bučko, O. – Lehotayová, A. – Lenártová, P. – Chlebo, P.
The influence of the consumption of pork enriched by organic selenium on selenium level in blood serum and selected blood lipid parameters in the consumers