Trends in food industry 2/2020

| 19-11-2020
These days, a new issue of magazine Trends in food industry 2/2020 is published. It brings a series of professional articles that cover thematically the whole spectrum of current trends and promising areas of research, including those presented in the press and social networks.
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Institute seminar - online lecture

| 18-11-2020
An institute seminar will be held online on 23rd of November at 9AM.

Material and energetic balance in practice - online lecture

| 18-10-2020
We invite you to an online lecture for business practice on the topic "Material and energetic balance in practice", which will be held on 27th of October 2020 (tuesday) at 9AM.
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International film festival Agrofilm 2020

| 06-10-2020
On 5th of October 2020, NPPC based in Lužianky held the Opening ceremony of the International film festival Agrofilm 2020. Minister of agriculture and rural development Ján Mičovský participated in this event and also baptized the newly reconstructed NPPC building.
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The institute seminar - invitation

| 23-09-2020
We would like to invite everyone interested to the institute seminar that will take place on Friday 25th of September 2020 at 9AM. Seminar will be held at the Food Research Institute, in the conference room on the 8th floor
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Presentations on the topic "Micro and macroelements in plant nutrition and their impact on ensuring quantity and quality of plant production"

| 22-09-2020
We would like to invite people from industry practice to a series of presentations which are part of the conference organized on 23rd of September 2020 in the University of Széchenyi István, Faculty of agricultural and food sciences in Mosonmagyaróvár within the frame of the EU project of the cross-border Slovak-Hungarian cooperative appeal Interreg.
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To work on bicycle

| 11-09-2020
NPPC-VÚP employees participated in a national campaign "Do prace na bicykli" (To work on a bicycle)
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Project "Hovorme o jedle" (Let us talk about food) educational - competitive project for primary schools

| 08-09-2020
From the 16th of September to 16th of October the 8th annual educational-competitive activity for primary schools "Hovorme of jedle 2020" will take place. This activity is aimed at all primary schools with a registerec office in Slovak republic. NPPC-VÚP employees will yet again join this project as experienced evaluators to guide this project to a successful conclusion.
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Food industry innovations seminar

| 14-07-2020
On 9th of July 2020, the seminar "How to startup the innovation potential of Slovak food producers" was held in Hotel Plus in Bratislava. This seminar was organized by the Slovak Agriculture and Food Chamber (SPPK).
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Bryndza and other variants

| 01-07-2020
Bryndza and other variants of traditional Slovak cheeses made from sheep's milk represent not only food for Slovaks. They are considered as a symbol of the culture, regional and national affiliation. Ing. Janka Koreňová, PhD. (NPPC-VÚP) talked about our national treasure in the series of Radio Slovakia.
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