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Nagy, G. Zs. – Simon Sarkadi, L. – Szabó, E.
Consumer survey on the consumption of pulses in Hungary

Livia Simon Sarkadi, Department of Nutrition, Institute of Food Science and Technology, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Somlói St. 14–16, 1118 Budapest, Hungary. E-mail:

Received 9 May 2021; 1st revised 10 July 2021; accepted 29 July 2021; published online 8 September 2021.

Summary: Pulses are essential multifunctional crops whose biological and nutritional properties play an important role in making our diet “healthier” and improving the sustainability of agroecosystems. The aim of our research was to explore the pulse consumption habits of Hungarians and to map the development possibilities of pulse-based products. An internet-based survey was conducted among Hungarian respondents (n = 1 023). The survey included questions about the frequency of pulse consumption, the intention to increase their consumption, socio-demographic background factors and perceptions, and knowledge of various pulses. Beans, green beans, lentils, red lentils, green peas, yellow peas and chickpeas were selected for detailed evaluation. The results showed that the most purchased products were green peas and dry legumes in their frozen and canned forms. The five favourite ready-made pulse-based dishes were sandwich spreads, croquettes, crackers, bread, croissants, buns and pasta. Based on the survey, we also developed a path model in which nine factors were introduced with exploratory factor analysis. Among Hungarians, consumer habits, the image of pulses and consumer preference were the most important factors in increasing the consumption of pulses.

Keywords: chickpeas; consumer survey; legumes; path model; pulses

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