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Trajkovska, B. – Tobolková, B. – Kukurová, K. – Kubincová, J. – Skláršová, B. – Koreňová, J.
Evaluation of qualitative parameters of commercial fermented coconut plant-based yoghurt alternatives on the market in Slovakia

Biljana Trajkovska, Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences, University st. Kliment Ohridski, Partizanska, bb, 7000 Bitola, North Macedonia. Tel.: +38978430751; e-mail:

Original article
Received 8 November 2023; 1st revised 15 January 2024; accepted 17 January 2024; published online 10 March 2024.

Summary: The study explored various quality parameters of plant-based yoghurt alternatives derived from coconuts, which are available on the Slovak market. Chemical characteristics elucidated the impact of post-acidification on shelf life, revealing pH fluctuations from 3.98 to 5.04. Colour analysis unveiled diverse profiles of individual samples, with Yog1 exhibiting distinct yellowish hues. Antioxidant properties varied regarding total polyphenols and flavonoids among samples, with higher ABTS•+ radical-scavenging activity attributed to aromatic amino acids. Microbiological analysis highlighted significant differences in viable counts of Lactobacillus spp., emphasizing the pivotal role of formulation and storage conditions in bacterial viability. Concentration of organic acids, specifically lactic and acetic acids, were found to vary and these variations were influenced by ingredients such as coconut water. Saturated fatty acids, predominantly octanoic, decanoic and dodecanoic acids, played a significant role in texture. Differences in acceptability scores were observed through sensory evaluation, with Yog2 notably standing out. These variations indicated correlation between sugar content and taste perception. The results suggested that there is a complex interaction of factors influencing the quality profile of these yoghurts. The study offers a basis for specific improvement in formulation, processing and overall consumer acceptability of this type of food product.

Keywords: plant-based food; dairy-free yoghurt; coconut; quality parameter

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