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Zhang, Z. – Ji, H. – Zhang, D. – Liu, S. – Zheng, X. – Sun, W.
Contribution of aroma precursors to the formation of aroma-active compounds in hot-air-dried shrimp studied by reaction models

Hongwu Ji, College of Food Science and Technology, Guangdong Ocean University; Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Aquatic Products Processing and Safety; Guangdong Province Engineering Laboratory for Marine Biological Products; Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Seafood; Key Laboratory of Advanced Processing of Aquatic Product of Guangdong Higher Education Institution, No. 1 Haida Road, Mazhang, Zhanjiang 524088, China. E-mail:

Original article
Received 22 August 2023; 1st revised 19 December 2023; 2nd revised 25 January 2024; accepted 30 January 2024; published online 11 March 2024.

This article contains supplementary data.

Summary: Aroma-active compounds in dried shrimp were investigated by aroma extract dilution analysis. Amino acids (Lys, Arg, Phe, Leu and Ile), reducing sugars (glucose, galactose, and arabinose) and total lipids were selected as precursors to construct 23 models, and then reacted at temperatures consistent with shrimp drying. The formation status and content of dried shrimp aroma-active compounds in each model were examined using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Twenty-seven aroma-active compounds were identified in the dried shrimp with flavour dilution (FD) factor ranges of 3 to 729, including 13 pyrazines, 5 aldehydes, 5 ketones, 2 alcohols and 2 N-containing compounds. Among them, FD factors of 5 pyrazines and trimethylamine were greater than 243. Pyrazines were the most important class of aroma-active compounds. The results of reaction model application indicated that Lys and Arg were the primary amino precursors of 13 aroma-active pyrazines and trimethylamine. Phe, Leu and Ile formed benzaldehyde, 3-methyl­butanal and 2-methyl­butanal, respectively. Glucose was the main carbonyl precursor. Lipids were the precursors of 2 alkylaldehydes, 4 ketones and 1-octen-3-ol, promoting the formation of pyrazines and Strecker aldehydes. This study provides a reference for improving flavour production and regulation of dried shrimp products, in particular the shrimp seasoning.

Keywords: dried shrimp; aroma precursors; aroma-active compounds; reaction model; aroma extract dilution analysis; gas chromatography-olfactometry

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