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Irie, K. – Kouadio, O. – Petit, J. – Gnagne, E. – Scher, J. – Amani, G.
Impact of particle size and plantain variety on nutritional quality, physico-chemical properties, and functionalities of powders prepared from New Ivorian plantain hybrids

Jeremy Petit, Biomolecular Engineering Laboratory, National School of Agronomy and Food Industries, University of Lorraine, 2, avenue de la forêt de Haye, TSA 40602, 54518 Vandoeuvre-Lès-Nancy, France. E-mail:

Original article
Received 6 July 2023; 1st revised 2 February 2024; 2nd revised 15 March 2024; accepted 17 March 2024; published online 22 April 2024.

Summary: The influence of particle size of powders from three plantain hybrids (Big Ebanga, FHIA 21 and PITA 3) and a traditional variety Corne 1 on nutritional quality, physico-chemical properties and functionalities was investigated. Corne 1 served as reference material. Plantain fingers were blanched for 15 min in boiling 5 g·l-1 citric acid, cooked at 100 °C in a buffer solution containing 3 g·l-1 sodium pyrophosphate, sliced into 10-mm cubes and dried in a convection air oven to reach 8–10 % moisture content. Dried slices were milled, resulting in a fine powder that was separated in two granulometric classes: < 180 µm (class 1) and 180–500 µm (class 2). Proximate composition, granulometry parameters, colour and functional properties were analysed. It appeared that variety and particle size significantly affected powder proximate composition, physical properties and functionalities. When the particle size was decreased, moisture and protein contents decreased, whereas the proportions of fat and ash increased. Powder lightness was significantly reduced for class 2 powders. Oil absorption index was significantly lowered for class 1 powders. Water absorption index was higher in class 2 powders. Corne 1 showed the highest nutrients content for the raw powder.

Keywords: powder flowability; sieving; granulometric fractions; plantain variety; chemical composition

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