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45 2006

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Summary No. 3 / 2006

Comparison of the suitability of derivatisation agents in HPLC - fluorescence detection analysis of fumonisins
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 45, 2006, No. 3, s. 127-133

Drahomíra Rauová, VÚP Food Research Institute, Priemyselná 4, P. O. box 25, SK-824 75 Bratislava 26, Slovakia. E-mail:

Summary: Suitability of derivatisation agents - o-phthaldialdehyde (OPA), 2-mercaptoethanol (MET), N-acetyl-l-cysteine (N‑AC), 4-chloro-7-nitrobenzofurazan (NBD-Cl), and dansylchloride (DC) - for determination of fumonisins in model solutions and in beers has been studied measuring UV/VIS stability of reaction complexes as well as fluorescence characteristics. While DC adducts of fumonisins showed sufficient stability, OPA and MET gave the best fluo­rescence responses. However, stability of their reaction complex was much lower than that of the dansylated adduct. The mixture of OPA and N-AC provided comparable results to OPA and MET mixtures. Under given reaction conditions, the lowest fluorescence response of derivatised fumonisins was observed with NBD-Cl. Calibration lines for both fumonisins in standard solution were linear within the range 2.2–3000 µg.l-1 with the coefficient of linearity 0.9998.

Keywords: fumonisins; derivatisation; HPLC; UV/VIS; beer

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