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53 2014

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 53, 2014

1-12 Zhang, Y. – Wang, W. – Wang, X. – Zhang, J.
Bone soup: protein nutrition and enzymatic hydrolysis process optimized by response surface method
13-21 Tayefe Ashrafie, N. – Azizi, M. H. – Taslimi, A. – Mohammadi, M. – Neyestani, T. R. – Mohammadifar, M. A.
Development of reduced-fat and reduced-energy dark chocolate using collagen hydrolysate as cocoa butter replacement agent
22-30 Dimitrijević, D. S. – Kostić, D. A. – Stojanović, G. S. – Mitić, S. S. – Mitić, M. N. – Đorđević, A. S.
Phenolic composition, antioxidant activity, mineral content and antimicrobial activity of fresh fruit extracts of Morus alba L.
31-38 Nowak, E. – Krzeminska-Fiedorowicz, L. – Khachatryan, G. – Fiedorowicz, M.
Comparison of molecular structure and selected physicochemical properties of spelt wheat and common wheat starches
39-50 Białek, A. – Tokarz, A. – Zagrodzki, P.
Conjugated linoleic acids in diet of female rats inhibit the breast cancer formation in their offspring
51-59 Bolanho, B. C. – Danesi, E. D. G. – Beléia, A. D.
Characterization of flours made from peach palm (Bactris gasipaes Kunth) by-products as a new food ingredient
60-70 Méndez-Albores, A. – Zamora-Rodríguez, D. – Arámbula-Villa, G. – Vázquez-Durán, A. – Moreno-Martínez, E.
Impact of different alkaline-heating processes on technological and nutritional properties of maize tortillas
71-80 Andrés, V. – Villanueva, M. J. – Mateos-Aparicio, I. – Tenorio, M. D.
Colour, bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity of mixed beverages based on fruit juices with milk or soya
81-95 Donno, D. – Beccaro, G. L. – Mellano, M. G. – Cerutti, A. K. – Bounous, G.
Chemical fingerprinting as nutraceutical quality differentiation tool in Asimina triloba L. fruit pulp at different ripening stages: an old species for new health needs
96 Coimbra, M. A.
Chemical food safety and health – Public health in the 21st century
97-104 Volk, H. – Piskernik, S. – Kurinčič, M. – Klančnik, A. – Toplak, N. – Jeršek, B.
Evaluation of different methods for DNA extraction from milk
105-116 Izli, N. – Isik, E.
Effect of different drying methods on drying characteristics, colour and microstructure properties of mushroom
117-126 Jaworska, G. – Grega, T. – Sady, M. – Bernaś, E. – Pogoń, K.
Quality of apple-whey and apple beverages over 12-month storage period
127-136 Sandoval-Peraza, M. – Betancur-Ancona, D. – Chel-Guerrero, L.
Physicochemical and bioactive properties of the fibrous fraction of hard-to-cook black bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. var. Jamapa)
137-142 Ayseli, M. T. – Filik, G. – Selli, S.
Evaluation of volatile compounds in chicken breast meat using simultaneous distillation and extraction with odour activity value
143-151 Ačai, P. – Valík, Ľ. – Medveďová, A. – Studeničová, A.
Staphylococcus aureus in unripened ewes’ lump cheese. Part 1: Exposure assessment after first 24 h of fermentation
152-161 Vujić, L. – Vitali Čepo, D. – Šebečić, B. – Vedrina Dragojević, I.
Effects of pseudocereals, legumes and inulin addition on selected nutritional properties and glycemic index of whole grain wheat-based biscuits
162-170 Bilgiçli, N. – Aktaş, K. – Levent, H.
Utilization of citrus albedo in tarhana production
171-179 Bolanho, B. C. – Egea, M. B. – Jácome, A. L. M. – Campos, I. – de Carvalho, J. C. M. – Danesi, E. D. G.
Antioxidant and nutritional potential of cookies enriched with Spirulina platensis and sources of fibre
180-188 Borges, T. H. – Rodrigues, N. – de Souza, A. M. – Pereira, J. A.
Effect of different extraction conditions on the antioxidant potential of baru almonds (Dipteryx alata Vog.): comparison to common nuts from Brazil
189-206 Obradović, V. – Babić, J. – Šubarić, D. – Ačkar, Đ. – Jozinović, A.
Improvement of nutritional and functional properties of extruded food products
207-216 Smoczyński, M. – Kiełczewska, K.
Fractal and physico-chemical analysis of cows’ milk fat globules after lipolysis
217-223 Šilha, D. – Hrušková, L. – Brožková, I. – Moťková, P. – Vytřasová, J.
Survival of selected bacteria from the genus Arcobacter on various metallic surfaces
224-231 Šípková, A. – Valík, Ľ. – Liptáková, D. – Pelikánová, J.
Effect of lactic acid bacteria on the growth dynamics of Geotrichum candidum in fresh cheeses during storage
232-239 Yilmaz, P. K. – Hacibekiroğlu, I. – Kolak, U.
Effect of roasting on antioxidant and anticholinesterase capacities of coffee
240-250 Różyło, R.
New potential of using millet-based yeast-fermented leaven for composite wheat bread preparation
251-256 Klapec, T. – Periš, D.
Quick estimation of dietary exposure to heterocyclic aromatic amines and acrylamide in a Croatian female population
260-270 Pezo, L. L. – Šuput, D. Z. – Lević, L. B. – Cvetković, B. R. – Kovačević, O. A.
Effects of temperature and immersion time on rehydration of osmotically treated pork meat
271-277 Ačai, P. – Valík, Ľ. – Medveďová, A. – Studeničová, A.
Staphylococcus aureus in unripened ewes’ lump cheese. Part 2: Exposure assessment at the time of consumption
278-290 Mihelj, T. – Belščak-Cvitanović, A. – Komes, D. – Horžić, D. – Tomašić, V.
Bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity of yellow Yinzhen tea affected by different extraction conditions
291-303 Szczuko, M. – Seidler, T. – Gutowska, I. – Stachowska, E.
Impact of socio-economic factors and nutritional education on the composition of daily diet of university students
304-312 Furdíková, K. – Ševcech, J. – Ďurčanská, K. – Hronská, H. – Malík, F.
Influence of different nutrition conditions on main volatiles of wine yeasts
313-323 Vázquez-Durán, A. – Gallegos-Soto, A. – Bernal-Barragán, H. – López-Pérez, M. – Méndez-Albores, A.
Physicochemical, nutritional and sensory properties of deep fat-fried fortified tortilla chips with broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. convar. italica Plenck) flour
324-332 Vetsika, F. – Boukidi, K. – Roussis, I. G.
gamma-Glutamyl-transferase, xanthine oxidase and total free sulfhydryls as potential markers for pasteurization treatments in dairy technology
333-343 Slováková, M. – Ševcech, J. – Furdíková, K. – Rapta, P.
Investigation of active ingredients in red wines transferred into non-aqueous media
344-352 Durmuş, M. – Polat, A. – Öz, M. – Ozogul, Y. – Uçak, I.
The effects of seasonal dynamics on sensory, chemical and microbiological quality parameters of vacuum-packed sardine (Sardinella aurita)
353-362 Jánošková, N. – Vyviurska, O. – Špánik, I.
Identification of volatile organic compounds in honeydew honeys using comprehensive gas chromatography
363-370 Noroozi, M. – Zavoshy, R. – Jahanihashemi, H. – Hadibygi, E.
The timing of introduction of solid foods and food type during the first year of life in children in Qazvin, Iran
371-388 Sádecká, J. – Polovka, M. – Kolek, E. – Belajová, E. – Tobolková, B. – Daško, Ľ. – Durec, J.
Orange juice with pulp: Impact of pasteurization and storage on flavour, polyphenols, ascorbic acid and antioxidant activity
389-392 Janštová, B. – Necidová, L. – Skočková, A. – Janštová, B.
Staphylococcal enterotoxin production in model samples of milk and fresh cheese
393-395 Contents of the volume 53, 2014
Contents of the volume 53, 2014
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