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53 2014

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Summary No. 4 / 2014

Vázquez-Durán, A. – Gallegos-Soto, A. – Bernal-Barragán, H. – López-Pérez, M. – Méndez-Albores, A.
Physicochemical, nutritional and sensory properties of deep fat-fried fortified tortilla chips with broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. convar. italica Plenck) flour
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 53, 2014, No. 4, s. 313-323

Alma Vázquez-Durán, Agronomy Department (UANL-FA), Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Agropecuary Sciences Campus, Avenida Francisco Villa s/n, Colonia Ex Hacienda el Canada, CP 66050, General Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Tel.: (+52) 8113404399; fax: (+52) 8113404399, e-mail:

Summary: The incorporation of broccoli trimmings into tortilla chips and their effect on the physicochemical, compositional, nutritional and sensory properties was studied. Broccoli flour was added to the formulation at levels of 2%, 4% and 8%. Triangular samples were processed in a lab-scale sheeter, baked, air oven-dried and finally deep fat-fried in fresh canola oil. The addition of broccoli flour significantly increased the protein (from 8.1% to 9.5%), crude fibre (from 1.9% to 3.1%), lysine (from 25.55 g·kg-1 protein to 35.11 g·kg-1 protein) and calcium contents (from 0.45 g·kg-1 to 0.73 g·kg-1) in the fortified tortilla chips. Additionally, the final oil content of tortilla chips was significantly lower (10.5%) in comparison with standard deep-fat fried products. Acceptance test indicated that 76% of participants would definitely prefer either control or tortilla chips prepared with up to 4% broccoli flour, when taste, price, appearance, texture and low fat content were the principal factors influencing the preference. From these results, it is concluded that broccoli flour could be incorporated into an innovative formulation to produce tortilla chips with improved physicochemical and nutritional properties.

Keywords: broccoli by-products; fortified tortilla chips; nutritional properties

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