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54 2015

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Summary No. 4 / 2015

Maliarová, M. – Maliar, T. – Krošlák, E. – Sokol, J. – Nemeček, P. – Nechvátal, P.
Antioxidant and proteinase inhibition activity of main oat avenanthramides
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 54, 2015, No. 4, s. 346-353

Tibor Maliar, Department of Biotechnologies, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of SS. Cyril and Methodius, Námestie J. Herdu 2, SK-91701 Trnava, Slovakia. E-mail:

Received 15 June 2015; 1st revised 4 August 2015; accepted 14 August 2015; published online 27 October 2015..

Summary: Information on the antioxidant activity of oat avenanthramides is available but not in relation to other prospective biological activities. Data on the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-itch, anti-irritant and antiatherogenic activities of avenanthramides have been previously published. In the present study, surprisingly, mild inhibitory activity of avenanthramide A on thrombin, trypsin, plasmin and papain was detected. Avenanthramide B was shown to inhibit chymotrypsin and pepsin activities, while avenanthramide C was found to strongly inhibit chymotrypsin activity and moderately trypsin activity. The results obtained indicate prospective use of avenanthramides as building blocks for selective proteinase inhibitors and suggest the necessity of systematic research on other enzymes to complete a profile of their biological activity.

Keywords: avenanthramides; oat; antioxidants; proteinase inhibition

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