Scientific journal

54 2015

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 54, 2015

1-8 Bednářová, M. – Pospiech, A. – Tremlová, B. – Řezáčová-Lukášková, Z. – Bednář, J.
Antigen retrieval and fixation of sections on slides for immunohistochemical detection of soya protein in meat products
9-20 Haliński, Ł. P. – Puckowski, A. – Stepnowski, P.
Glycoalkaloid, phytosterol and fatty acid content of raw and blanched leaves of the gboma eggplant (Solanum macrocarpon L.)
21-30 Krížová, S. – Buday, Š.
Socio-economic aspects of food consumption in Slovakia: overview of contemporary issues
31-40 Chudy, S. – Pikul, J. – Rudzińska, M.
Effects of storage on lipid oxidation in milk and egg mixed powder
41-49 Yu, S. – Jiang, L.-Z. – Kopparapu, N. K.
Impact of soybean 7S globulin content on thermal and retrogradation properties of non-waxy maize starch
50-61 Čonka, K. – Fabišiková, A. – Chovancová, J. – Stachová Sejáková, Z. – Dömötörová, M. – Drobná, B. – Kočan, A.
Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins, dibenzofurans and biphenyls in food samples from areas with potential sources of contamination in Slovakia
62-68 Dubíková, K. – Pristaš, P. – Javorský, P.
Occurrence of abortive infection systems and phage resistance in lactic acid bacteria isolated from bryndza ewes’ cheese
69-78 Pejcz, E. – Mularczyk, A. – Gil, Z.
Technological characteristics of wheat and non-cereal flour blends and their applicability in bread making
79-84 Gelbíčová, T. – Koláčková, I. – Karpíšková, R.
Genotyping and virulence factors of Listeria monocytogenes in terms of food safety
85-88 Kohri, S. – Fujii, H.
Reactive oxygen radical-scavenging activity assay by photolysis of azo-radical initiator without exposing samples to ultraviolet light: A preliminary feasibility study of a modified assay
89-92 Gičová, A. – Dinčáková, L. – Sirotná, Z. – Grones, J.
Laboratory detection of verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli in the official food control in Slovakia