Scientific journal

59 2020

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 59, 2020

87-97 Buhač, T. – Amidžić Klarić, D. – Klarić, I. – Nigović, B. – Brusač, E. – Jeličić, M.-L. – Mornar, A.
Assessment of active ingredients and metal impurities in phytoestrogen-containing food and dietary supplements
98-107 Oancea, S. – Drăghici, O. – Perju, M. – Dulf, F. V.
Effects of roselle extract on the oxidative stability of hempseed oil
108-119 Mladenov, M. I.
Model-based approach for assessment of freshness and safety of meat and dairy products using a simple method for hyperspectral analysis
120-126 Minarovičová, J. – Véghová, A. – Kaclíková, E.
Evaluation of immunomagnetic separation and polymerase chain reaction for culture-independent detection of Listeria monocytogenes low numbers in cheese
127-136 Kiss, A. – Oláh, J. – Popp, J. – Lakner, Z.
Towards understanding dietary supplement use among recreational athletes on the basis of a complex, multifactorial model
137-146 Guyon, F. – Da Costa, E. C. – Maurin, A. – Gaillard, L. – Landuré, M. – Gougeon, L.
Metabolomics applied to proton nuclear magnetic resonance profile for the identification of seven floral origin of French honeys
147-154 Duliński, R. – Starzyńska-Janiszewska, A. – Byczyński, Ł. – Florkiewicz, A.
Myo-inositol phosphates profile and in vitro bioavailability of selected minerals from spelt: Effects of hydrothermal processing and solid-state fermentation with Rhizopus oligosporus
155-162 Ziarno, M. – Derewiaka, D. – Dytrych, M. – Stawińska, E. – Zaręba, D.
Effects of fat content on selected qualitative parameters of a fermented coconut “milk” beverage
163-173 Krešić, G. – Pleadin, J. – Kvrgić, K. – Lešić, T. – Džafić, N. – Zrnčić, S. – Vulić, A. – Bogdanović, T. – Oraić, D. – Vahčić, N.
Seasonal and geographical variations in chemical composition and fatty acid profile of Mediterranean mussels
174-183 Meinhart, A. D. – Ferreira da Silveira, T. F. – de Moraes, M. R. – Petrarca, M. H. – Constant, L. S. – Ballus, C. A. – Silva, L. H. – Emidio Cunha, E. C. –Wagner, R. – André Bolini, H. M. – Bruns, R. E. – Teixeira-Filho, J. – Teixeira Godoy, H.
French fries processed with a high content of linolenic acid, low n-6/n-3 ratio and good sensory acceptance after successive frying