Scientific journal

61 2022

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 61, 2022

1-15 Kirac, F. T. – Dagdelen, A. F. – Saricaoglu, F. T.
Recent advances in the polylactic acid biopolymer films used in food packaging systems
16-26 Guzmán-Ceferino, J. – Morales-Ovando, M. – Moguel-Ordoñez, Y. – Betancur-Ancona, D. – Carrera-Lanestosa, A.
In vitro antioxidant and alpha-amylase inhibitory activity of extracts from peel and pulp of Chrysophyllum cainito cultivated in the Mexican southeast
27-33 Alparslan, Y. – Metin, C. – Baygar, T.
Sex- and season-based comparison of lipid and fatty acid profiles of blue crab meat
34-42 Djokhdem, L. ‒ Bensid, A. ‒ Houicher, A. ‒ Hamdi, T. M. ‒ Özogul, F.
Preservative effect of Juniperus phoenicea essential oil and ethanolic extract against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus in soft fresh cheese during storage
43-52 Kaban, G. – Bayraktar, F. – Jaberi, R. – Fettahoğlu, K. – Kaya, M.
Effects of NaCl substitution with KCl on quality properties of heat-treated sucuk during the production stages
53-60 Kaličanin, B. – Velimirović, D. – Nešić, I.
A study on mineral composition of Aronia melanocarpa as a functional food with potential therapeutic properties
61-68 Tomičić, Z. – Tomičić, R. – Smole Možina, S. – Bucar, F. – Turek, I. – Raspor, P.
Antifungal and anti-adhesion activity of plant extracts and essential oils against Candida spp. and Pichia spp.
69-80 Netkham, H. – Tirawanichakul, S. – Khummueng, W. – Tirawanichakul, Y.
Impingement drying of germinated brown rice varieties at intermediate temperatures: drying kinetics and analysis of quality
81-88 Catak, J. – Yaman, M. – Ugur, H. – Yildirim Servi, E. – Mizrak, Ö. F.
Investigation of the advanced glycation end products precursors in dried fruits and nuts by HPLC using pre-column derivatization
89-105 Průchová, K. – Podskalská, T. – Kružík, V. – Kouřimská, L. – Sus, J. – Čížková, H.
Volatile compounds and selected qualitative parametres of apples from organic and integrated farming – can we evaluate the difference?