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62 2023

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Summary No. 2 / 2023

Pernica, M. – Martiník, J. – Boško, R. – Svoboda, Z. – Cwiková, O. – Běláková, S. – Benešová, K.
Ochratoxin A in roasted coffee marketed in Czech Republic: determination by liquid chromatography and fluorescence detection
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 62, 2023, No. 2, s. 191-197

Karolína Benešová, Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, 971/7 Mostecká, 61400 Brno, Czech Republic. E-mail:

Original article
Received 14 February 2023; 1st revised 18 April 2023; accepted 25 April 2023; published online 30 May 2023

Summary: This study dealt with determination of ochratoxin A (OTA) in roasted coffee by ultra-performance liquid chromatography and fluorescence detection (UPLC-FLD). Coffee features characteristic sensory properties, contains a wide range of beneficial substances and is among the most sold commodities worldwide. UPLC-FLD method for determination of OTA in ground roasted coffee was optimized and validated. A calibration curve of good linearity (R2 > 0.999) was obtained for the range of 0.3–10 ng·ml-1, and the limit of detection and limit of quantification for OTA were 0.1 µg·kg-1 and 0.3 µg·kg-1, respectively. The recovery of certified reference material for OTA ranged between 81.3–112.8 % and the relative standard deviation under repeatibility conditions was 11.7 %. The method was applied to the analysis of OTA in coffee obtained from retail stores in Czech Republic. Sixteen samples (29 %) of roasted coffee were positive, containing OTA in the range from 0.31 µg·kg-1 to 1.06 µg·kg-1. None of the samples analysed exceeded the legislative limit according to EU Commission Regulation No. 1881/2006.

Keywords: ochratoxin A; coffee; immunoaffinity column; method validation; ultra-performance liquid chromatography; fluorescence detection

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