Scientific journal

62 2023

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 62, 2023

1-13 Glibowski, P. – Spodymek, A. – Gazda, P. – Siłka, Ł. – Rząd, Z.
Food-derived caffeine in human nutrition
14-25 Erkan, N. – Can Tunçelli, İ. – Özden, Ö.
Content and economic evaluation of omega-3 fatty acid nutritional supplements
26-34 Zetochová, E. – Tirdiľová, I. – Vollmannová, A. – Musilová, J. – Lidiková, J. – Bojňanská, T.
Changes in the content of bioactive compounds induced by the addition of biologically effective preparations in selected legumes
35-45 Bajčić, A. – Petronijević, R. – Suvajdžić, B. – Tomović, V. – Stajković, S. – Vasilev, D.
Use of inulin-collagen suspension for the total replacement of pork backfat in cooked-emulsified sausages
46-53 Indrayanti, L. – Nuwa, N. – Siska, G. – Firdara, E. – Afentina, A. – Yelsa, Y.
Comparison of nutritional values of kelulut (Heterotrigona itama) honey derived from forest and sweet star fruit vegetations
54-62 Shalabi, A. A. – El-Halawany, A. – El-Desoky, A. M. – Mohamed, S. O. – Abdel-Sattar, E. – Meselhy, M. R.
Production of a gingerol-rich extract from ginger rhizome powder using a green extraction protocol
63-69 Rešková, Z. – Andrezál, M. – Drahovská, H. – Koreňová, J. – Lopašovská, J. – Kuchta, T.
Bacterial and fungal communities associated with the surface of hemp seeds and poppy seeds
70-78 Khutsidze, T. – Pruidze, E. – Tavdidishvili, D. – Sesikashvili, O.
Addition of pollen and honey to improve the quality of sugar-containing cakes
79-89 Novitasari, D. R. – Dewanti-Hariyadi, R. – Yuliana, N. D.
Gas chromatography-mass spectrophotometry volatilomics approach for antibacterial activity of essential oils from temu kunci grown at different altitudes
90-98 Gürbüz, M. – Çatak, J. – Ugur, H. – Demir, B. – Beceren, Y. – Yaman, M.
Assessment of in vitro bioaccessibility of pyridoxal, pyridoxine and pyridoxamine forms of vitamin B6 in various vegetables