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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Accepted manuscripts

Irie, K. – Kouadio, O. – Petit, J. – Gnagne, E. – Scher, J. – Amani, G.
Impact of particle size and plantain variety on nutritional quality, physicochemical properties, and functionalities of powders prepared from New Ivorian plantain hybrids
Aviles, M. V. – Borgo, M. A. – Naef, E. F. – Igual, C. D. – Gómez, M. B. – Abalos, R. A.
Social representations and food neophobia of vegetarian ready-to-eat meals cooked by sous-vide
Ramírez-Miranda, I. – Moguel-Ordoñez, Y. – Betancur-Ancona, D.
Comparison of physicochemical properties of honeys produced by Melipona beecheii bees from low deciduous forest at harvest and post-harvest seasons
Jaćimović, S. – Kiprovski, B. – Sikora, V. – Pezo, L. – Pantelić, N.
Diversity in nutritional and functional quality sorghum restorer lines collection
Sharma, A. – Jindal, N. – Singh, S.
Characterization of whole grain teff (Eragrostis tef) flour grown in India against functional, structural and rheological properties