Higher level of regional raw materials processing with employment growth in the cross-border Slovakia-Hungary region

Cooperation between researcher and food producers in 2020-2021 is supported by Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Transfer of scientific knowledge into practice promote competitiveness of producers on the market by development of new food products with higher quality and nutritional value using innovative technological processing. New employment places for innovative technological processing are suspected to be created in cross-border region with educational and training activities for employees under supervision of expertise board. Effective cooperation between businesses and research institutions will be coordinated by RDV ETT.

(Territorial action plan)

Project 1: Coordination and Communication Project
RDV ETT Rába-Danube-Vág (Hungary) non-profit business organization of local governments

Project activities:

  • management and monitoring of TAPE implementation
  • communication and promotion to the public
  • promoting the labour market throughout the cross-border region

Project 2: Co-innovation

Project partners:

  • NPPC – National Agricultural and Food Centre – Food Research Institute (Slovakia)
  • SZE – University Széchenyi István Egyetem (Hungary)

Project activities:

  • development of new technological processes and product prototypes
  • testing of new production processes and products directly in production    plants
  • evaluation of nutritional values and quality of raw materials and new products
  • platform of professionals for industry and training of employees

Project 3: Local Product Processing

Project partners:

  • KKV-Union, s.r.o. (Slovakia) – flour-milling technology, production of bakery and confectionery products, fruit processing and production of healthy food products
  • AEH, spol. s r.o. (Slovakia) - production and development of industrial technologies, processing of fruit and vegetable
  • Mäsovinky s.r.o. (Slovakia) – meat technology
  • Kősziklás Borászat Kft. (Hungary) – processing of grapes and fruit berries
  • Vörös Tészta Manufaktúra Kft. (Hungary) – pasta production

Project activities: 

  • development of existing production lines by implementing scientific innovation methods
  • introduction of new technological procedures and innovations in cooperation with experts
  • production of new types of value-added food products
  • model production technology lines for employee training and knowledge exchange for practice

The participating production plants will use innovative technologies for higher level of regional raw materials processing by extraction, fermentation, filtration, concentration, pressing, fractional distillation, gentle pasteurisation or drying on the basis of specific requirements in order to ensure the highest possible quality and safety of food products. Innovations in production will be introduced on the basis of scientific knowledge in cooperation with experts from research institute NPPC and university SZE. Through the new technologies, prototypes of value-added food products will be introduced to the market, which will increase the competitiveness of companies and create new jobs and opportunities.

KKV-Union will develop a production line for fruit juices and extracts, which will primarily increase production efficiency. Kősziklás will use current wine products by separating the grape seed from the jam, pressing and filtering the grape oil. AEH will increase the productivity of grape, fruit and vegetable production by introducing innovations and increasing the level of processing into products with higher added value (seed oil, concentrates, etc.).

The participating companies will provide innovative and investment examples for practice. The benefit will be the creation of a network of demonstration facilities. Manufacturing companies, in cooperation with scientific and academic institutions, will also offer advice on food business, innovation and investment examples. In addition to the production itself, the newly built production lines will also be used as demonstration facilities for the training and education of employees, which will be available throughout the cross-border region.

Acknowledgments: Financial support is provided from ERDF funds under the cross-border Slovak-Hungarian cooperation program Interreg V-A No. SKHU/1703/3.1/110 entitled TAPE „Food Industry “, which incorporates Project no. SKHU/1802/3.1/022 entitled "Coordination and Communication Project", Project No. SKHU/1802/3.1/023 entitled "Co-innovation" and Project No. SKHU/1901/3.1/003 entitled "Local Product Processing".


Consultant expertise board:

Ing. Stanislav Baxa, PhD. (Developer), NPPC VÚP Biocentrum Modra, development of innovation and prototypes

Ing. Martin Polovka, PhD. (Consultant for innovation), NPPC VÚP Bratislava, expertise for innovation in food industry

Doc. Ing. Stanislav Šilhár, CSc. (Consultant for industry), NPPC VÚP Biocentrum Modra, expertise for food industry, impementation of innovations and trainings

Ing. Elena Pangyová (Technologist), NPPC VÚP Biocentrum Modra, technological transfer of innovations and trainings

Ing. Eugen Kiss (Supervisor), NPPC VÚP Biocentrum Modra, control of technological processing and trainings

Ing. Marek Kunštek (Analyst), NPPC VÚP Biocentrum Modra, quality and nutritional value analysis

RNDr. Marcela Blažková (Trainer), NPPC VÚP Biocentrum Modra, support for quality evaluation and trainings

Project management:

Ing. Kristína Kukurová, PhD. (Project manager), NPPC VUP Bratislava

Ing. Angela Světlíková (Project assistant, SK-HU translation and interpretation), NPPC VÚP Bratislava

Mgr. Stanislava Tomesová (Financial manager), NPPC VÚP Bratislava