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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
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Siminiuc, R. – Țurcanu, D.
Development of a model for evaluating the nutritional quality of bread and bakery products

Rodica Siminiuc, Department of Food and Nutrition, Faculty of Food Technology, Technical University of Moldova, bd. Ștefan cel Mare 168, Chișinău MD-2004, Moldova. E-mail:

Original article
Received 13 January 2024; 1st revised 13 March 2024; accepted 14 March 2024; published online 14 April 2024.

Súhrn: Knowledge of the nutritional quality of food is essential to fully understand the causes of food-related diseases and to suggest effective interventions. Bakery products play a central role in this, as they remain the staple food of human nutrition. At the same time, considerable disparities between countries require the adaptation of methods and nutritional profiles for evaluation of foods for each country or region. This study aimed to create a model for evaluating the nutritional excellence of gluten-containing and gluten-free bread and bakery products, adaptable for Moldova. The developed model included 151 products marketed in the country and focused on five essential nutritional components, namely, content of sugar, fibre, salt, sourdough and wholemeal or alternative flours. The level of quality was assessed on a 6-point scale: 5–6 points for “high quality”, 3–4 for “medium quality” and less than 3 points for “low quality”. Research showed that most gluten-containing bakery products on the market were of poor nutritional quality. Gluten-free products recorded a higher health-related balance, with almost half of the range being of medium or high quality.

Kľúčové slová: bread; bakery product; carbohydrate; nutrition education; nutritional quality

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