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45 2006

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Súhrny čísla 3 / 2006

Construction of shuttle vectors from pAP1 plasmid for cloning into Escherichia coli and Acetobacter strains
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 45, 2006, č. 3, s. 110-114

Jozef Grones, Comenius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Molecular Biology, Mlynská dolina B-2, SK-842 15 Bratislava 4, Slovakia. Tel. 0421 2 602 96 649, fax: 0421 2 602 96 508, e-mail:

Súhrn: Plasmid pAP1 (3 080 bp), previously isolated from Acetobacter pasteurianus 2374 and sequenced, was used for construction of several deletion derivatives. Two cloning and expression vectors were prepared from these derivates. Vector pMK10 contains lacZ’ gene from pUC19 plasmid and a replication region from pAP1 plasmid. The second vector pMK20 contains PL and PR promotors and cI857 repressor from bacteriophage lambda. The stability of both shuttle vectors was high in E. coli and Acetobacter pasteurianus cells at cultivation in non-selective media.

Kľúčové slová: Acetobacter pasteurianus; plasmid; replicon; gene of resistance; plasmid stability

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