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48 2009

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Súhrny čísla 2 / 2009

Effect of fat composition on some physico-chemical parameters and sensorial evaluation of dark chocolate
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 48, 2009, č. 2, s. 72-79

Eva Vítová, Department of Food Chemistry and Biotechnology, Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology, Purkyňova 118, CZ – 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic. Tel: +420 541149475, fax: +420 541211697, e-mail:

Súhrn: The aim of this work was to compare several physical, chemical and organoleptic properties of three types of dark chocolate with different contents of vegetable fat to identify if partial or total replacement of cocoa butter influences chosen parameters. Aroma compounds were determined by the solid-phase microextraction coupled to gas chromatography, fatty acids as methyl esters using gas chromatography, flavour and colour were evaluated sensorially, and texture by both instrumental and sensory analyses. Partial replacement of cocoa butter (up to 5% allowed by the European legislation) had only negligible effect on the monitored properties, differences between the samples were statistically insignificant (P < 0.05). However, total replacement of cocoa butter (as in various chocolate imitations) significantly (P < 0.05) influenced the properties. All the monitored physical and chemical parameters were different, high concentration (341.17  13.49 mg.g-1) of elaidic acid was found here. The most evident difference was in organoleptic properties, evaluated as less expressive, atypical for good chocolate, taste and aroma with strong oleic note, which is negatively perceived by consumers.

Kľúčové slová: chocolate; vegetable fat; fatty acids; aroma; solid-phase microextraction; gas chromatography; sensory analysis

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