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51 2012

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 51, 2012

Číslo 3
123-131 Grégrová, A. – Čížková, H. – Mazáč, J. – Voldřich, M.
Authenticity and quality of spirit vinegar: Methods for detection of synthetic acetic acid addition
132-144 Gamboa-Santos, J. – Soria, A. C. – Corzo-Martínez, M. – Villamiel, M. – Montilla, A.
Effect of storage on quality of industrially dehydrated onion, garlic, potato and carrot
145-155 Hanušová, K. – Dobiáš, J. – Voldřich, M.
Assessment of functional properties and antimicrobial efficiency of polymer films with lacquer layer containing natamycin in cheese packaging
156-163 Šnebergrová, J. – Čížková, H. – Rajchl, A. – Ševčík, R. – Voldřich, M.
Evaluation of aroma restoration of apple and orange juices from concentrates in the Czech Republic
164-172 Kameník, J. – Standarová, E. – Saláková, A. – Vorlová, L.
Contents of biogenic amines and polyamines in mould-fermented sausages
173-183 Belajová, E. – Suhaj, M.
Compositional profiling of Slovakian wines from distinct production systems by analysis of main saccharides and glycerol
184 Book reviews
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