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52 2013

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 52, 2013

Číslo 3
139-145 Arai, K. – Yamazaki, T. – Tokuji, Y. – Kawahara, M. – Ohba, K. – Hironaka, K. – Kinoshita, M. – Ohnishi, M.
Effects of Chinese yam storage protein on formation of aberrant crypt foci in 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-treated mice
146-155 Radojković, M. – Zeković, Z. – Sudar, R. – Jokić, S. – Cvetanović, A.
Optimization of solid–liquid extraction of antioxidants and saccharides from black mulberry fruit by response surface methodology
156-163 Krešić, G. – Dujmović, M. – Mandić, M. L. – Delaš, I.
Dietary and breast milk trans fatty acids seen in Croatian breastfeeding women from Adriatic region
164-171 Bagordo, F. – Grassi, T. – Serio, F. – Idolo, A. – De Donno, A.
Dietary habits and health among university students living at or away from home in southern Italy
172-180 Aldars-García, L. – Zapata-Revilla, M. A. – Tenorio-Sanz, M. D.
Characterization and study of the essential mineral components of Spanish commercial herbal products and their infusions
181-190 Tobolková, B. – Durec, J. – Belajová, E. – Mihalíková, M. – Polovka, M. – Suhaj, M. – Daško, Ľ. – Šimko, P.
Effect of light conditions on physico-chemical properties of pineapple juice with addition of small pineapple pieces during storage
191-194 Sousa, I. J. B. – Matias, E. F. F. – Menezes, I. R. A. – Coutinho, H. D. M.
Modulation of the antibiotic activity by the essential oils of Origanum vulgare and Coriandrum sativum