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55 2016

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 55, 2016

Číslo 1
1-10 Lakatošová, J. – Priesolová, L. – Dokupilová, I. – Yoncheva, T. – Šmogrovičová, D. – Kaňuchová Pátková, J.
Classical oenological parameters and concentration of selected higher alcohols and esters in traditional fermented Slovakian and Bulgarian wines
11-21 Ziobro, R. – Gumul, D. – Korus, J. – Korus, A.
Starch bread with a share of non-wheat flours as a source of bioactive compounds in gluten-free diet
22-32 Ghadermazi, R. – Keramat, J. – Goli, S. A. H.
Antioxidant activity and physical properties of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose films enriched with essential oils
33-39 Tidona, F. – Francolino, S. – Zhang, H. – Contarini, G. – Cui, S. W. – Giraffa, G. – Carminati, D.
Design of a starter culture to produce a reduced-fat soft cheese with added bio-value
40-47 Brodowska, M. – Guzek, D. – Kołota, A. – Głąbska, D. – Górska-Horczyczak, E. – Wojtasik-Kalinowska, I. – Wierzbicka, A.
Effect of diet on oxidation and profile of volatile compounds of pork after freezing storage
48-56 Frederico, C. – Pinto, T. B. – Castro, E. M. – Suguimoto, H. H. – Santana, E. H. W. – Alegro, L. C. A. – Souza, C. H. B.
Probiotic dairy dessert supplemented with whey protein concentrate: effect on the viability of Lactobacillus acidophilus, on texture, physicochemical and sensory features
57-68 Butorová, L. – Vítová, E. – Polovka, M.
Comparison of volatiles identified in Aronia melanocarpa and Amelanchier alnifolia using solid-phase microextraction coupled to gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
69-77 Parwani, L. – Bohra, Y. – Gupta, S. – Kumar, R.
Effect of temperature on α-glucosidase, lipase inhibition activity and other nutritional properties of Moringa oleifera leaves: Intended to be used as daily antidiabetic therapeutic food
78-88 Hromiš, N. – Lazić, V. – Popović, S. – Markov, S. – Vaštag, Ž. – Šuput, D. – Bulut, S. – Tomović, V.
Investigation of a product-specific active packaging material based on chitosan biofilm with spice oleoresins
89-100 Velioglu, H. M.
Low-fat beef patties with cold-pressed oils optimized by mixture design
Číslo 2
101-107 Batista, J. E. R. – de Morais, M. P. – Caliari, M. – Soares Jr., M. S.
Physical, microbiological and sensory quality of gluten-free biscuits prepared from rice flour and potato pulp
108-113 Ciesarová, Z. – Basil, E. – Kukurová, K. – Marková, L. – Zieliński, H. – Wronkowska, M.
Gluten-free muffins based on fermented and unfermented buckwheat flour – content of selected elements
114-120 Chen, X. – Mu, W. – Siekel, P. – Zhang, X. – Zhu, Z.
The effects of constant concentrations of sulfur dioxide on the quality evolution of postharvest table grapes
121-130 Pop, C. R. – Salanţă, L. – Rotar, A. M. – Semeniuc, C. A. – Socaciu, C.  – Sindic, M.
Influence of extraction conditions on characteristics of microbial polysaccharide kefiran isolated from kefir grains biomass
131-140 Chávez-Tapia, A. M. – Sáyago-Ayerdi, S. G. – García-Galindo, H. S. – García-Magaña, M. L. – González-Aguilar, G. A. – Montalvo-González, E.
Quality and stability of concentrated guava puree added with Hibiscus sabdariffa extract
141-147 Amanpour, A. – Kelebek, H. – Selli, S.
Aroma components of Iranian dried Heracleum persicum fruit (golpar) using solvent-assisted flavour evaporation technique
148-158 Gorbunova, N. – Evteev, A. – Evdokimov, I. – Bannikova, A.
Kinetics of ascorbic acid transport from alginate beads during in vitro digestion
159-170 Popović, K. – Pozderović, A. – Jakobek, L. – Rukavina, J. – Pichler, A.
Concentration of chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) juice by nanofiltration
171-180 Yoon, B. R. – Hong, S.-Y. – Cho, S. M. – Lee, K. R. – Kim, M. – Chung, S. H.
Aflatoxin M1 levels in dairy products from South Korea determined by high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection
181-188 Šnebergrová, J. – Grégrová, A. – Šístková, I. – Čížková, H.
Determination of quality characteristics for whole milk powder with slight and moderate odour changes
189-193 Koreňová, J. – Oravcová, K. – Véghová, A. – Karpíšková, R. – Kuchta, T.
Biofilm formation in various conditions is not a key factor of persistence potential of Listeria monocytogenes in food-processing environment
194 Parwani, L. – Bohra, Y. – Gupta, S. – Kumar, R.
Corrigendum to "Effect of temperature on α-glucosidase, lipase inhibition activity and other nutritional properties of Moringa oleifera leaves: Intended to be used as daily antidiabetic therapeutic food"
Číslo 3
195-204 Taborda, P. C. S. A. – Cardoso, L. A. C. – Karp, S. G.
α-Galactosidases: characteristics, production and immobilization
205-213 Li, G. – Zhang, J. – Liu, E. – Wang, F. H. – Qi, S. – Xiang, X. – Du, W.
Effects of different sea buckthorn leaf tea processing technologies on nutrient level and fecal microflora in vitro
214-221 Ozturkoglu-Budak, S. – Aksahin, I.
Multivariate characterization of fresh tomatoes and tomato-based products based on mineral contents including major trace elements and heavy metals
222-228 Krivohlavek, A. – Žuntar, I. – Ivešić, M. – Mandić Andačić, I. – Šikić, S. – Vrebčević, M.
Sibutramine in slimming food supplements on the Croatian market determined by validated high-pressure liquid chromatography-electrospray tandem mass spectrometry method
229-236 Figueroa, F. – Marhuenda, J. – Zafrilla, P. – Martínez-Cachá, A. – Mulero, J. – Cerdá, B.
Total phenolics content, bioavailability and antioxidant capacity of 10 different genotypes of walnut (Juglans regia L.)
237-246 Kopuncová, M. – Sádecká, J. – Kolek, E. – Havrlentová, M. – Blaško, J.
Key odour-active compounds in selected Slovakian poppy seed (Papaver somniferum L.) varieties revealed by gas chromatography-olfactometry
247-255 Mančušková, T. – Medveďová, A. – Valík, Ľ.
Effect of media composition and CO2 concentration on the growth and metabolism of Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM
256-262 Martini, M. – Altomonte, I. – da Silva Sant’Ana, A. M. – Salari, F.
Nutritional composition of four commercial cheeses made with buffalo milk
263-269 Labella, C. – Lelario, F. – Bufo, S. A. – Musto, M. – Freschi, P. – Cosentino, C.
Optimization and validation of a chromatographic method for quantification of lysozyme in jenny milk
270-277 Wei, Y. – Zhao, L. – Bai, C. – Jiang, Y. – Yuan, M. – Chen, L.
Dynamics of spoilage bacterial communities in fish cake evaluated by culture-dependent and culture-independent methods
278-281 Kaclíková, E. – Oravcová, K.
Identification of thermotolerant Cronobacter strains using multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction
282 Babinská, K.
The importance of nutrition as an integral part of disease management
Číslo 4
283-293 Turco, I. – Ferretti, G. – Bacchetti, T.
Review of the health benefits of Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) polyphenols
294-302 Generalić Mekinić, I. – Skroza, D. – Ristovski, B. – Ljubenkov, I. – Bikić, I. – Svilović, S. – Banović, M. – Bocevska, M. – Katalinić, V.
Anthocyanidins in Babica, Ljutun and Crljenak Kaštelanski grapes, and kinetic of their degradation under different storage conditions
303-312 Shen, R.-L. – Zhang, W.-J. – Dong, J.-L.
Preparation, structural characteristics and digestibility of resistant starches from highland barley, oats and buckwheat starches
313-324 Kou, X. – Mao, C. – Xie, B. – Li, X. – Xue, Z. – Zhang, Z.
Functional characterization of oligosaccharides purified from Asparagus officinalis peel
325-329 Piknová, Ľ. – Janská, V. – Siekel, P.
Detection method based on real-time polymerase chain reaction for celery (Apium graveolens) in beverages and dehydrated soups
330-341 Škarba, J. – Chovancová, J. – Drobná, B. – Čonka, K. – Nemeček, P. – Wimmerová, S.
Selected organochlorine and organobromine pollutants in breast milk from Slovakia and infant daily intake
342-351 Minárik, P. – Mináriková, D. – Szűcs, G. – Golian, J.
Public awareness of food and other lifestyle-related factors towards cancer development among adults in Slovakia: a pilot study
352-360 Brožková, I. – Červenka, L. – Dvořáková, V. – Michálková, K. – Velichová, H.
The effect of processing temperature on microbial safety and antioxidant activity of minimally processed “raw food”
361-373 Vápenka, L. – Vavrouš, A. – Votavová, L. – Kejlová, K. – Dobiáš, J. – Sosnovcová, J.
Contaminants in the paper-based food packaging materials used in the Czech Republic
374-381 Kubincová, J. – Višňovský, J. – Rosenberg, M. – Hronská, H. – Chochulová, A. – Kubinec, R. – Blaško, J.
Application of high-temperature GC-MS for simultaneous identification and quantification of glycosidic forms of iridoids and flavonoids in plant samples
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