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55 2016

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 55, 2016

Číslo 1
1-10 Lakatošová, J. – Priesolová, L. – Dokupilová, I. – Yoncheva, T. – Šmogrovičová, D. – Kaňuchová Pátková, J.
Classical oenological parameters and concentration of selected higher alcohols and esters in traditional fermented Slovakian and Bulgarian wines
11-21 Ziobro, R. – Gumul, D. – Korus, J. – Korus, A.
Starch bread with a share of non-wheat flours as a source of bioactive compounds in gluten-free diet
22-32 Ghadermazi, R. – Keramat, J. – Goli, S. A. H.
Antioxidant activity and physical properties of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose films enriched with essential oils
33-39 Tidona, F. – Francolino, S. – Zhang, H. – Contarini, G. – Cui, S. W. – Giraffa, G. – Carminati, D.
Design of a starter culture to produce a reduced-fat soft cheese with added bio-value
40-47 Brodowska, M. – Guzek, D. – Kołota, A. – Głąbska, D. – Górska-Horczyczak, E. – Wojtasik-Kalinowska, I. – Wierzbicka, A.
Effect of diet on oxidation and profile of volatile compounds of pork after freezing storage
48-56 Frederico, C. – Pinto, T. B. – Castro, E. M. – Suguimoto, H. H. – Santana, E. H. W. – Alegro, L. C. A. – Souza, C. H. B.
Probiotic dairy dessert supplemented with whey protein concentrate: effect on the viability of Lactobacillus acidophilus, on texture, physicochemical and sensory features
57-68 Butorová, L. – Vítová, E. – Polovka, M.
Comparison of volatiles identified in Aronia melanocarpa and Amelanchier alnifolia using solid-phase microextraction coupled to gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
69-77 Parwani, L. – Bohra, Y. – Gupta, S. – Kumar, R.
Effect of temperature on α-glucosidase, lipase inhibition activity and other nutritional properties of Moringa oleifera leaves: Intended to be used as daily antidiabetic therapeutic food
78-88 Hromiš, N. – Lazić, V. – Popović, S. – Markov, S. – Vaštag, Ž. – Šuput, D. – Bulut, S. – Tomović, V.
Investigation of a product-specific active packaging material based on chitosan biofilm with spice oleoresins
89-100 Velioglu, H. M.
Low-fat beef patties with cold-pressed oils optimized by mixture design