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56 2017

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 56, 2017

Číslo 1
1-9 Sadowska-Rociek, A.
Impact of spices addition on 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol formation in biscuit and cracker model systems
10-17 Kučerová, S. – Šilha, D. – Vytřasová, J. – Švecová, B.
Survival of Arcobacter butzleri and Arcobacter cryaerophilus strains in the presence of sea buckthorn extracts
18-31 Donno, D. – Mellano, M. G. – Prgomet, Ž. – Cerutti, A. K. – Beccaro, G. L.
Phytochemical characterization and antioxidant activity evaluation of Mediterranean medlar fruit (Crataegus azarolus L.): Preliminary study of underutilized genetic resources as a potential source of health-promoting compound for food supplements
32-41 Patil, S. – Brennan, M. A. – Mason, S. – Brennan, C. S.
Investigation of the combination of legumes and cereals in the development of extrudate snacks and its effect on physico-chemical properties and in vitro starch digestion
42-47 Gelbíčová, T. – Tomáštíková, Z. – Koláčková, I. – Karpíšková, R.
A survey on prevalence and sources of Listeria monocytogenes in ripened and steamed cheeses from the retail market in the Czech Republic
48-60 Vitali Čepo, D. – Jug, M. – Grdić Rajković, M. – Jablan, J.
Formulation of a nutraceutical derived from carob: beta-cyclodextrin encapsulation of antioxidants from carob pod
61-72 Tarko, T. – Duda-Chodak, A. – Wajda, Ł. – Satora, P. – Sroka, P. – Semik-Szczurak, D.
Application of principal component analysis for optimization of polyphenol extraction from alternative plant sources
73-85 Furdíková, K. – Bajnociová, L. – Malík, F. – Špánik, I.
Investigation of volatile profile of varietal Gewürztraminer wines using two-dimensional gas chromatography
86-95 Hashemi, S. M. B. – Amarowicz, R. – Mousavi Khaneghah, A. – Vardehsara, M. S. – Hosseini, M. – Yousefabad, S. H. A.
Kangar (Gundelia tehranica) seed oil: Quality measurement and frying performance
96-100 Ženišová, K. – Bučková, M. – Puškárová, A. – Kraková, L. – Piknová, Ľ. – Pangallo, D.
Culturable microorganisms during fermentation of Veltlínske zelené (Grüner Veltliner) ice wine
Číslo 2
101-108 Bierzuńska, P. – Cais-Sokolińska, D. – Rudzińska, M. – Gramza-Michałowska, A.
Evaluation of antioxidant activity of whey protein to improve cholesterol oxidation stability in fresh white cheese from buttermilk
109-120 Kujundžić, D. – Režek Jambrak, A. – Vukušić, T. – Stulić, V. – Gajdoš Kljusurić, J. – Banović, M. – Herceg, Z.
Near-infrared spectroscopic characterization of steviol glycosides extracted from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni using high-power ultrasound and gas-phase plasma
121-128 Kowalski, S. – Lukasiewicz, M.
Application of randomly methylated cyclodextrin in extraction of antioxidant-like compounds from bee bread
129-137 Híc, P. – Soural, I. – Balík, J. – Kulichová, J. – Vrchotová, N. – Tříska, J.
Antioxidant capacities of extracts in relation to toasting oak and acacia wood
138-148 Cerit, I. – Yildirim, A. – Ucar, M. K. – Demirkol, A. – Cosansu, S. – Demirkol, O.
Estimation of antioxidant activity of foods using artificial neural networks
149-154 Udenigwe, C. C. – Gong, M. – Mohan, A. – Udechukwu, M. C.
Role of surface charge of hydrolysed bovine caseins in their iron(II)-binding affinity and antioxidative capacity in iron(II)-facilitated beta-carotene and glutathione oxidation
155-166 Koňuchová, M. – Valík, Ľ.
Evaluation of radial growth dynamics variability of Geotrichum candidum: A quantitative approach
167-178 Tarko, T. – Duda-Chodak, A. – Sroka, P. – Satora, P. – Semik-Szczurak, D. – Wajda, Ł.
Diversity and bioavailability of fruit polyphenols
179-188 Machyňáková, A. – Hroboňová, K.
Simultaneous determination of coumarin derivatives in natural samples by ultra high performance liquid chromatography
189-199 Błaszczyk, U. – Sroka, P. – Satora, P. – Duliński, R.
Effect of Wickerhamomyces anomalus and Pichia membranifaciens killer toxins on fermentation and chemical composition of apple wines produced from high-sugar juices
Číslo 3
201-218 Klátyik, S. – Darvas, B. – Oláh, M. – Mörtl, M. – Takács, E. – Székács, A.
Pesticide residues in spice paprika and their effects on environmental and food safety
219-231 Hronská, H. – Micháliková, S. – Rosenberg, M.
Microbial production of specialty C4 dicarboxylic acids from maleic anhydride
232-243 Viskupicova, J. – Maliar, T.
Rutin fatty acid esters: from synthesis to biological health effects and application
244-254 Shin, J.-W. – Kim, J.-B. – Cho, H. J. – Suh, H.-J.
Estimated daily intakes of benzoic acid and sorbic acid in South Korea
255-264 Drobná, E. – Rauová, D. – Májeková, H. – Greif, G. – Mikuš, P.
Antifungal activity and aflatoxin binding ability of Lactobacillus species isolated from lamb and goatling stomach mucus
265-276 García-López, E. G. – Sáyago-Ayerdi, S. G. – Vivar-Vera, M. L. A. – García-Magaña, M. L. – Aldrate-Herrera, P. I. – Montalvo-González, E.
Guava purees with addition of agave fructans and natural sweeteners as potential functional products
277-282 Bavcon Kralj, M. – Podrażka, M. – Krawczyk, B. – Pandel Mikuš, R. – Jarni, K. – Trebše, P.
“Raw food” diet: the effect of maximal temperature (46 ± 1 °C) on aflatoxin B1 and oxalate content in food
283-291 Liu, Y. – Zhou, S. – Han, W. – Li, C. – Huang, K. – Liu, W.
Detection of adulteration by hydrolysed leather protein in infant formula based on least squares support vector machine and near-infrared spectroscopy
292-298 Šnirc, M. – Belej, Ľ. – Golian, J. – Fekete, T. – Židek, R.
Molecular traceability of red deer meat products using microsatellite markers
299-303 Hohnová, B. – Šalplachta, J. – Karásek, P.
Pressurized hot water extraction followed by high-performance liquid chromatography for determination of polyphenols in Sambucus nigra L. branches in dependence on vegetative period of the plant
Číslo 4
305–317 Kwaw, E. – Ma, Y. – Tchabo, W. – Apaliya, M. T. – Xiao, L. – Wu, M.
Effect of lactic acid fermentation on the phytochemical, volatile profile and sensory attributes of mulberry juice
318–325 Regecová, I. – Turek, P. – Jevinová, P. – Pipová, M. – Mačanga, J.
Monitoring of microbiological quality in the process of production of steak tartare
326–334 Boroski, M. – Crupi, P. – Tamborra, P. – Antonacci, D. – Toci, A. T.
Influence of winemaking techniques with low sulphur dioxide on wine varieties Chardonnay, Pinot and Montepulciano
335–340 Juhás, P. – Mrázová, J. – Bučko, O. – Lehotayová, A. – Lenártová, P. – Chlebo, P.
Influence of consumption of pork enriched by organic selenium on selenium level in blood serum and selected blood lipid parameters in consumers
341–350 Klimešová, M. – Hanuš, O. – Tomáška, M. – Hofericová, M. – Vorlová, L. – Chládek, G. – Jedelská, R. – Nejeschlebová, L. – Vondrušková, E.
Correlation between total bacterial and somatic cell counts in bulk tank ewes’ milk
351–361 Mierzwa, D. – Pawłowski, A.
Convective drying of potatoes assisted by microwave and infrared radiation – process kinetics and quality aspects
362–371 Skočková, A. – Koláčková, I. – Kubelová, M. – Karpíšková, R.
Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in the Czech Republic: Characterization of pathogenic strains isolated from pig and cattle carcasses
372–380 Guo, L.
Enzymatic hydrolysis of lotus rhizome starch using alpha-amylase and glucoamylase
381–388 Belajová, E. – Tobolková, B. – Daško, Ľ. – Polovka, M. – Durec, J.
Changes in colour, ascorbic acid and 5-hydrohymethylfurfural concentration in grapefruit and carrot juices during storage
389–397 Schvarczová, E. – Štefániková, J. – Jankura, E. – Kolek, E.
Selection of autochthonous Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains for production of typical Pinot Gris wines
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