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56 2017

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Súhrny čísla 1 / 2017

Tarko, T. – Duda-Chodak, A. – Wajda, Ł. – Satora, P. – Sroka, P. – Semik-Szczurak, D.
Application of principal component analysis for optimization of polyphenol extraction from alternative plant sources
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 56, 2017, č. 1, s. 61-72

Tomasz Tarko, Department of Fermentation Technology and Technical Microbiology, Faculty of Food Technology, University of Agriculture in Krakow, ul. Balicka 122, 30-149 Krakow, Poland. Tel.: +48 12 662 47 92, fax: +48 12 662 47 98, e-mail:

Received 7 November 2016; 1st revised 22 December 2016; accepted 4 January 2017; published online 9 February 2017

Súhrn: In the current study, principal component analysis (PCA) was used to optimize variables related to the extraction of polyphenols from plant materials including various solvents (water, methylene chloride and 80% aqueous solutions of methanol or ethanol) and pre-treatment parameters (homogenization and microwave processing). Moreover, the profile of phenolic compounds of tested fruits that demonstrated the highest content of those substances (elderberry, Japanese quince and cornelian cherry) was determined. Water and methylene chloride were not suitable for polyphenol extraction, while the best results were obtained when 80% methanol solution was used. Moreover, elderberry was proven to accumulate the highest quantities of cyanidin-3-O-sambubioside and it was the richest source of most of analysed phenolic compounds. Different homogenization speeds were required to enhance polyphenol recovery from selected plant materials (183.33 Hz for elderberry; 316.67 Hz and 400 Hz for Japanese quince). Microwave treatment decreased the recovery of those substances in both tested fruits. Overall, PCA appeared to be a useful tool for description of changes in the efficiency of polyphenol extraction, though indicating parameters that were not optimal for the whole process from the economical point of view.

Kľúčové slová: elderberry; Japanese quince; extraction method; solvent; polyphenol; principal component analysis

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