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59 2020

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 59, 2020

Číslo 1
1-6 Duliński, R. – Starzyńska-Janiszewska, A.
Content and in vitro bioavailability of selected B vitamins and myo-inositol in spelt wheat (Triticum spelta L.) subjected to solid-state fermentation
7-15 Altuntas, S. – Cinar, A. – Altuntas, V.
Modelling of Listeria monocytogenes growth and survival in presence of royal jelly: a promising anti-biofilm agent
16-22 Rabiej, D. – Szydłowska-Czerniak, A.
Antioxidant activity of rapeseed oil with octyl sinapate, an amphiphilic antioxidant, stored in various types of packages under various conditions
23-34 Mocanu, G.-D. – Nistor, O.-V. – Andronoiu, D. G. – Ceclu, L. – Gheonea, I. – Mihalcea, L. – Barbu, V. V. – Constantin, O. E. – Patrascu, L.
Effects of drying methods on quality parameters of potato and red beetroot purée with Lactobacillus delbrueckii
35-43 Cerit, I. – Demirkol, O.
Effects of modified atmosphere packaging conditions and ethylene absorber on the quality of red bell pepper
44-50 Gondeková, M. – Bahelka, I. – Pavlík, I. – Huba, J. – Tomka, J. – Polák, P.
Carcass and meat quality of the most numerous slaughtered cow breeds in Slovakia
51-60 Sun, Z. – Qi, F. – Gao, H. – Liu, L.
Preliminary exploration of phytochemical profiles, antioxidant and hepatoprotective activities of non-oil extracts of pumpkin seeds by four different processing methods
61-70 Łopusiewicz, Ł. – Drozłowska, E. – Siedlecka, P. – Mężyńska, M. – Bartkowiak, A.
Preparation and characterization of novel flaxseed oil cake yogurt-like plant milk fortified with inulin
71-80 Adeli Milani, M. – Ghobadi Dana, M. – Ghanbarzadeh, B. – Alizadeh, A. – Ghasemi Afshar, P.
Effect of novel bioactive coating enriched with nanoemulsion of mustard essential oil on the quality of turkey meat
81-86 Oztas, E. – Ozden, H. – Ozhan, G.
A preliminary survey of citrinin contamination in dried fruits, molasses and liquorice products in Turkey