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60 2021

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 60, 2021

Číslo 1
1-8 Ağagündüz, D.
Preliminary exploration of total antioxidant and oxidant status of novel high-protein milk products
9-17 Valková, V. – Ďúranová, H. – Miškeje, M. – Ivanišová, E. – Gabríny, L. – Kačániová, M.
Physico-chemical, antioxidant and antimicrobial characteristics of bread supplemented with 1% grape seeds micropowder
18-28 Zabouri, Y. – Cheriguene, A. – Chougrani, F. – Merzouk, Y. – Marchetta, A. – Urzì, C. – De Leo, F.
Antifungal activity of lactic acid bacteria against phytopathogenic Alternaria alternata species and their molecular characterization
29-37 Grégrová, A. – Neradová, E. – Zahradníková, A. – Potančoková, J. – Rajchl, A. – Čížková, H.
Chemical composition of various Vaccinium spp. and similar blue-coloured berries
38-48 Spak, M. D. S. – Colmenero, J. C.
University restaurants menu planning using mathematical modelling
49-58 Chen, Q. – Qin, W. – She, M. – Chen, S. – Wang, F. – Tan, Z.
Changes of apple fruit volatile profiles induced by fresh bruise at early stage
59-65 Ureña Peralta, M. – Campos Napán, J.
Optimization of the saponin removal process to improve quinoa product quality and increase protein content
66-75 El-Aidie, S. – Elsayed, N. – Hashem, M. – Elkashef, H.
Development of fermented skimmed milk fortified with yellow sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) with prebiotic and antioxidant activity
76-86 Tarlak, F. – Khosravi-Darani, K.
Development and validation of growth models using one-step modelling approach for determination of chicken meat shelf-life under isothermal and non-isothermal storage conditions
87-91 Ženišová, K. – Cabicarová, T. – Sidari, R. – Kolek, E. – Pangallo, D. – Szemes, T. – Kuchta, T.
Effects of co-fermentation with Lachancea thermotolerans or Metschnikowia pulcherrima on concentration of aroma compounds in Pinot Blanc wine
Číslo 2
93-110 Pasidi, E. – Papaliagkas, V. – Vareltzis, P.
Factors affecting the mechanism and modelling of vitamin D absorption in designing fortified foods – A review
111-123 Omeragic, E. – Radosevic, D. – Causevic, A. – Marjanovic, A. – Djedjibegovic, J. – Sober, M.
Exposure assessment and risk characterization of metals intake through consumption of wine by population of winemakers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia
124-130 Goncuoglu, M. – Ayaz, N. D. – Cufaoglu, G. – Cengiz, G.
Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Listeria monocytogenes in raw meatballs and phage control of L. monocytogenes
131-137 Scortegagna, M. L. – Oliveira, V. R. – Lobato, C. M. D. – Doneda, D.
Evaluation and acceptability of alternative food recipes for patients with phenylketonuria
138-145 Moravkova, M. – Vasickova, P. – Slany, M. – Kolackova, I. – Hrdy, J. – Karpiskova, R. – Kralik, P.
Selected viral, protozoan and bacterial agents on minimally processed vegetables and sprouts at point of sale
146-152 Irkin, R. – Carikci, S. – Akalin, S. – Batu, Z.
Decontamination effects of lemon peel and mint leaf extracts on salad vegetables
153-160 Tsagareishvili, D. – Sesikashvili, O. – Tavdidishvili, D. – Dadunashvili, G. – Sakhanberidze, N. – Tsagareishvili, S.
Mathematical description of the production of extruded products enriched with nut flour
161-167 Nishibori, N. – Sagara, T. – Morita, K.
Identification of nicotianamine as a potential inhibitor of angiotensin I-converting enzyme in aqueous extract of okara dry powder
168-177 Nour, V.
Oxidative stability, physico-chemical and sensory properties of mayonnaise enriched with carotenoids from sea buckthorn pomace during refrigerated storage
178-186 Hettiarachchi, H. A. C. O. – Jayatilake, S. – Gunathilake, K. D. P. P.
Evaluation of antioxidant and protein denaturation inhibition activities of selected underutilized fruits grown in Sri Lanka
Číslo 3
187-202 Salehi, F.
Textural properties and quality of meat products containing fruit or vegetable products: A review
203-216 Liu, H. – Zhou, K. – Jiang, H. – Wen, L. – He, Y. – Lu, S. – Wang, B. – Li, J.
Current advances in anthocyanins: structure, bioactivity and human health
217-228 Krulj, J. – Pezo, L. – Kojić, J. – Bodroža Solarov, M. – Teslić, N.
Quality evaluation of cold-pressed oils and semi-defatted cake flours obtained on semi-industrial scale
229-235 Štulíková, K. – Voldřichová, K. – Dostálek, P.
Influence of pasteurization and high pressure processing on the antioxidant activity of filtered and unfiltered lager beer
236-243 Liu, H. – Huang, Z. – Lyu, L. – Fan, S. – Wu, W. – Li, W.
Effect of ferulic acid and natamycin treatments on quality and reactive oxygen species metabolism of postharvest blackberry
244-254 Nagy, G. Zs. – Simon Sarkadi, L. – Szabó, E.
Consumer survey on the consumption of pulses in Hungary
255-262 Sesikashvili, O. – Zverev, S. – Mardaleishvili, N. – Gamkrelidze, E. – Tsagareishvili, S.
Modelling of moisture loss from legumes in case of infrared radiation
263-270 Ozturk, E. E. – Ozgen, L.
Association between nutrition label reading status and the Healthy Diet Indicator-2015
271-278 Askin, B.
Comparison of aroma profiles of essential oils extracted by hydro-distillation from orange peel waste dried by various methods
279-283 Montenegro, G. – Velásquez, P. – Viteri, R. – Giordano, A.
Changes in the antibacterial capacity of Ulmo honey in relation to the contribution of Eucryphia cordifolia pollen
Číslo 4
285-295 Tarlak, F.
Development of a new mathematical modelling approach for prediction of growth kinetics of Listeria monocytogenes in milk
296-307 Jiayan, Z. – Jianwen, X. – Zhengpei, C. – Na, C.
Effect of reaction solvent on physico-chemical properties, microstructure and digestive properties of starch-fatty acid complexes
308-315 Li, W. – Cui, Y. – Xu, Y. – Zhao, Y. – Sun, Y. – Li, X.
Evaluation of antioxidants effects from grape seed extract consumption based on blood analysis of series of indicators on 110 random persons
316-326 Alptekin, E. – Bölek, S.
Optimization of microwave roasting of Vigna radiata as an innovative caffeine-free and gluten-free coffee substitute
327-334 Varadharajan, B. – Madasamy, P.
A simple protocol for metabolite extraction from saffron and its application to authentication of market samples by HPLC fingerprinting
335-343 Mohammadsalim, S. – Imani, S. – Abdigoudarzi, M. – Hasanzadeh, N. – Zarrinnia, V.
Microbiological quality of dried larvae of Tenebrio molitor under various processing methods as a food and feed in Iran
344-351 Xie, C. Y. – Li, J. – Fang, Y. H. – Yang, F.
Composition, antioxidants content and antioxidant activity of walnut residues, a by-product of oil extraction in China
352-362 Giovagnoli-Vicuña, C. – Velásquez, P. – Montenegro, G. – Espejo, J. – Gómez, M. – Cabrera-Barjas, G. – Giordano, A.
Nutritional and antioxidant potential of Chilean native fruits: lleuque (Prumnopitys andina) and copihue (Lapageria rosea)
363-372 Chen, D. – Cheng, M. – Wang, C. – Shao, X. – Fan, X. – Zhang, X. – Qin, Y.
Comparative study on quality characteristics of yogurt from goats’ milk processed by various heating treatments
373-383 Piskernik, S. – Levart, A. – Korošec, M. – Perme, K. – Salobir, J. – Pajk Žontar, T.
Fatty acid profiles, nutritional quality and sensory characteristics of unconventional oils and fats on the Slovenian market
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