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61 2022

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 61, 2022

Číslo 2
107-115 Bilgin, D. G. – Özhanli, H. – Mutlu, C. – Erbas, M.
Tarhana as a food aid suggestion to the world food program
116-128 Gong, X. – Yang, Y. – Chen, M. – Tu, J. X. – Li, B. – Ren, F.
Characterisation of antioxidant activities and volatile profiles of pineapple beer during the brewing process
129-138 Sesikashvili, O. – Zverev, S. – Gamkrelidze, E. – Mardaleishvili, N. – Tsagareishvili, S.
Thermoinactivation of urease in lentils in case of infrared radiation
139-145 Trong, L. V. – Thuy, L. T. – Chinh, H. V. – Thinh, B. B.
Physiological and biochemical changes of red-fleshed dragon fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) during development and maturation
146-155 Tirdiľová, I. – Vollmannová, A. – Obtulovič, P. – Zetochová, E. – Čéryová, S.
Varietal influence on the content of biologically valuable compounds in selected legumes
156-168 Tong, K. X. – Wu, X. Q. – Zhang, Z. J. - Xie, Y. J. – Chen, H. – Fan, C. L.
Degradation of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables studied using high-performance liquid chromatography/high-resolution mass spectrometry
169-177 Zverev, S. – Sesikashvili, O. – Mardaleishvili, N. – Gamkrelidze, E. – Politukha, O.
Composite grain products based on traditional groats with the addition of lentil grits
178-191 Hernández-León, A. – Artavia, G. – Cortés-Herrera, C. – Granados-Chinchilla, F.
Chromatographic determination of major physiologically active components in energy drinks and sports aids commercialized in Costa Rica
192-197 Furmančíková, P. – Šťástková, Z. – Navrátilová, P. – Bednářová, I. – Dvořáčková, M.
Prevalence and detection of Helicobacter pylori in raw cows’ and goats’ milk in selected farms in the Czech Republic
198-208 Netkham, H. – Tirawanichakul, S. – Tirawanichakul, Y.
Infrared drying of germinated paddy with high temperature ranges: drying kinetics and physical quality aspect