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61 2022

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 61, 2022

Číslo 3
209-217 Vavrinik, A. – Stuskova, K. – Baron, M. – Sochor, J.
Effect of sulphur dioxide and ethanol on acetic acid bacteria occurring in wine technology
218-229 Csurka, T. – Varga, Á. – Ladányi, M. – Friedrich, L. F. – Pásztor-Huszár, K.
Membrane separation of porcine blood for food industrial use of permeate and retentate
230-241 Konagano, E. M. H. – Ferreira, N. R. – Chagas Junior, G. C. A. – Gloria, M. B. A. – Andrade, E. H. A. – do Nascimento, L. D. – Martins, L. H. S. – Lopes, A. S.
Cladosporium cladosporioides starter culture can positively influence flavour and bioactive compounds of fermented and dried cocoa beans from the Amazon biome
242-250 Buljeta, I. – Vukoja, J. – Pichler, A. – Šimunović, J. – Kopjar, M.
Encapsulation of gallic acid on pectin: antioxidant activity, alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase inhibitory activity of complexes
251-263 Červenčík, K. – Dimitrov, F. – Tobolková, B. – Žemlička, L. – Bírošová, L. – Hrouzková, S. – Sádecká, J.
Principal aroma-active compounds of Red Moon RM-1 apple fruit cultivar as determined by a combined technique of gas chromatography-olfactometry
264-276 Yucetepe, A. – Okudan, E. Ş. – Özçelik, B.
Antioxidant activity and techno-functional properties of protein extracts from Caulerpa prolifera: Optimization of enzyme-assisted extraction by response surface methodology
277-285 Stajić, S. – Tomasevic, I. – Tomović, V. – Stanišić, N.
Dietary fibre as phosphate replacement in all-beef model system emulsions with reduced content of sodium chloride
286-295 Machuca, A. – Amoros, A. – Escalona, V. H.
Effects of ozonated water as a sanitizer on quality and safety of fresh baby leaves red chard
296-307 Cumplido-Laso, G. – González-Cebrino, F. – García-Parra, J. J. – Ramírez, M. R.
High hydrostatic pressure processing of pumpkin: Identification and quantification of the volatiles profile
308-313 Cheliabiieva, V. – Buialska, N.
Use of Spirulina platensis and pomegranate peel extracts to increase the nutritional value of hard candies