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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
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Krulj, J. – Pezo, L. – Kojić, J. – Bodroža Solarov, M. – Teslić, N.
Quality evaluation of cold-pressed oils and semi-defatted cake flours obtained on semi-industrial scale
Štulíková, K. – Voldřichová, K. – Dostálek, P.
Influence of pasteurization and high pressure processing on the antioxidant activity of filtered and unfiltered lager beer
Liu, H. – Huang, Z. – Lyu, L. – Fan, S. – Wu, W. – Li, W.
Effect of ferulic acid and natamycin treatments on quality and reactive oxygen species metabolism of postharvest blackberr
Salehi, F.
Textural properties and quality of meat products containing fruit or vegetable products: A review
Montenegro, G. – Velásquez, P. – Viteri, R. – Giordano, A.
Changes in the antibacterial capacity of Ulmo honey in relation to the contribution of Eucryphia cordifolia pollen
Sesikashvili, O. – Zverev, S. – Mardaleishvili, N. – Gamkrelidze, E. – Tsagareishvili, S.
Modelling of moisture loss from legumes in case of infrared radiation
Nagy, G. Zs. – Simon Sarkadi, L. – Szabó, E.
Consumer survey on the consumption of pulses in Hungary
Ozturk, E. E. – Ozgen, L.
Association between nutrition label reading status and the Healthy Diet Indicator-2015
Askin, B.
Comparison of aroma profiles of essential oils extracted by hydro-distillation from orange peel waste dried by various methods
Liu, H. – Zhou, K. – Jiang, H. – Wen, L. – He, Y. – Lu, S. – Wang, B. – Li, J.
Current advances in anthocyanins: structure, bioactivity and human health